Grandpa Creates Incredible Works Of Art With Simple Plastic Caps

At some point in our lives, we all have a slight degree of artistic level, that gift that God gave us to be able to create and transform small things into incredible works of art. Such is the case of this humble grandfather who, with the help and collaboration of hundreds of people, was able to collect an immense amount of plastic containers and completely transform his house.

This grandfather from Ukraine changed the facade of his home with plastic caps, creating beautiful designs that are quite colorful and striking. To create these unique finishes , Nikolai Demkov buys patterns in embroidery shops and then transfers them to the walls of his home, allowing him to gradually fill in each space with the correct caps.

Nikolai is a kind of compulsive collector who manages to see the ideal way to reuse materials that people give up for lost.

“Some workmen left a lot of colored ceramic pieces on the side of the street and I immediately thought that this could be used to complete the mural I was doing on the wall of my house, so I took them in a bucket and gave them a better use than in the trash.

In addition to designing great patterns on the walls, this grandfather likes to transform the entire space of his home. In the patio of his house we can see how he has nests with storks, a windmill and really unique pots. He also created a small space dedicated entirely to the plants found in the forest and in his patio we can observe some of them.

Thanks to several publications on social networks, the tender and skillful grandfather went viral and is now a highly sought-after artist, since several people in his town have asked him to do some work for them.

“I have many requests to make, several neighbors have made me several orders to place on the portal of their homes but I need time to be able to fulfill all of them.”

Some people claimed that Nikolai takes great care of his health, that he tries to keep up with technology and advances in society.

“We all see how he tries every day to take good care of his health with home remedies and plants, he keeps abreast of advances in technology and from time to time we see him taking long walks, which end in great finds to give him a special touch to his works of art».

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