Grandpa Builds A Train To Ride And Find A Home For Stray Dogs

Today we see how there are more and more people who decide to help in one way or another the animals that are alone and abandoned in the streets of their city, we see how foundations, pages to raise funds and places of refuge are created so that our four-legged friends have food and a roof to end their days.

And this tender grandfather shows us that when you really have good intentions and want to leave your mark on the heart of a society that is so lost, you can achieve it. Eugene Bostick, retired more than 15 years ago and from that moment he wanted to give his life a different turn, to feel that he was truly contributing something to the world, so he thought it would be an excellent idea to help those who have no voice, those animals that day by day fill our lives with joy and magical moments but that unfortunately we humans do not know how to value.

“ It all started one afternoon when I decided to feed the dogs that I saw every day in the square, take them to the vet and make a small place where they could shelter from the cold at night”. Eugene commented.

At the age of 80, Eugene and his brother Corky built a small makeshift shelter on their farm where they welcomed stray dogs, but it was there that they realized that as long as people couldn’t see or interact with these cute animals it would be very difficult, because not to say impossible that they could find a home and a family that wanted to adopt them.

“ We live in a closed street, where my brother and I have a stable for horses. People sometimes come and abandon dogs here, leaving them to starve. So we simply began to feed them, to let them in, to gain confidence, and then take them to the vet, to be able to castrate them. We made a home for them, we gave them a second chance.”

At first they walked the dogs on their tractor, but as the months went by the number of dogs grew. So he did not have more space to transport them all. Then both brothers had a great idea.

Eugene and Corky built a wagon with reused barrels , then assembled them, put wheels on them and thus created a train that could be considered today as the coolest train in the world, whose only passengers are cute and cuddly dogs that bark for the streets, thus drawing the attention of all the neighbours.

Eugene drives the weekly tractor that pulls the train cars that run through the neighborhood, while the dogs happily wag their tails, enjoying the ride and getting the attention of their prospective adoptive families. Some even when they hear them go by on the train go out to take pictures with the dogs.

“ All the neighbors enjoy these walks, this helps many families become attached to dogs and want to give them a place in their families, they are all very noble dogs, they are just looking for a second chance, a family that gives them love and make your last years of life happy.”

As expected at the time of posting the video of this tender grandfather on social networks, hundreds of people wanted to help and provide some financial help so that the shelter could continue to maintain and care for these dogs. Now Eugene is quite the celebrity in his hometown, and the locals are delighted with the dog train, which religiously passes through town once or twice a week.

Undoubtedly there are hundreds of ways to show and give love, but this has been one of the most creative, tender and fun ideas we have been able to see, using time for the benefit of others is one of the most beautiful stories we can share. The world needs much more of these actions to improve and above all to learn that we receive much more when we give and do it from the heart.

Do not forget to share this publication and leave us your comment for these brothers who are changing the reality of these dogs whom others gave up as lost. The good ones are undoubtedly more and we must always try to do good without looking at who, life and the universe will know how to thank you.

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