Grandfather Creates A Special Bicycle To Ride With His Wife With Alzheimer’s

Bill Forward certainly shows the whole world that when you really love a person, you give yourself to them and their love, body and soul. That you should not only be in the best moments of that person’s life, but you should also stay by her side when she needs you most.

Bill and Glad Forward met when they were just a few young people of 16 and 17 years old respectively, but their complicity was such that from that very moment they never separated again. Over the years they decide to get married to consummate their great love before God and society and it was there that they swore loyalty, love and unconditional dedication, in health and in illness.

They have spent more than 50 years together but unfortunately Glad began to present some changes in his conduct and behavior that caught Bill’s attention. After some examinations and studies, they came to the conclusion in 2004 that his beloved De he Glad suffered from the terrible Alzheimer’s disease.

This disease is really painful both for those who suffer from it and for their relatives since little by little they erase each of the precious memories of the person who suffers from it.

But for Bill this disease was not going to take away the love of his life, he decided to fill it with details day after day.

“I know that in his memory perhaps neither I nor all our memories have a space, but I know that in his heart our love is still intact and that is what keeps me alive and full of hope.”

Every day Bill dedicates himself completely to his wife, bathes her, feeds her, dresses her and the most valuable of all is that each gesture is made with love, patience and dedication.

Unfortunately during our lives we have to go through very hard times and this disease is undoubtedly one of them, but there is no burden so heavy that love and patience cannot overcome.

That is why Bill , clinging to his great love for Glad , thought of creating a bicycle with the necessary conditions so that they could enjoy the wonderful afternoons that life offered them every day.

“When we were young, going for a bike ride was our perfect time of day, the fresh and pure air filled our souls.”

For this reason Bill wanted his princess to continue enjoying with him those walks that gave them so much peace and created a special bicycle for people with reduced mobility and that was safe, with a seat in the front part, a seat belt and a footrest.

The bicycle is a fundamental part of their love story, those long and peaceful daily rides relax them both.

“This idea began with the intention of filling my beloved Glad with love, to be able to provide her with some support and peace of mind, but now I want to go further and be able to help many more people who are in a situation similar to that of my princess. ”.

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