Giving Your Child A Smartphone Is “Like Giving Them Drugs”

The leading research expert says that giving your child a smartphone is as if you are giving him drugs.

Many people around the world spend their time searching through their newsfeed to find something “catchy” on Instagram or Facebook. This can be as addictive as drugs and alcohol. And, “dropping” these devices will lead to similar withdrawal symptoms.

This is not a funny situation, it’s an addiction.

This can affect children’s mental and physical health and also child’s academic success.

50% of teenagers use their phone regularly

According to studies, more than 50% of teenagers are addicted to their smartphone and they even know it. About 84% of these teenagers cannot even spend a day without their smartphone.

Depression, anxiety, neck/wrist pain, sleep disturbances and feelings of insecurity can cause with this addiction.

Signs of smartphone addiction

If someone is dependent on their phone, they check their phone again and again for no reason. They also worry when they can’t spend time with their phone. There are also some people who wake up in the middle of the night to check their phone. This can end up in poor academic performance.

This addiction is treated like any other addiction.  The “patients” who are addicted to smartphones are concerned with anger, depression, tension, and agitation.

Parents lead their children

The journal Paediatrics Child Health said that the parents are the greatest example of their children. Do not use your phone that often all day. Your child does not look at you all the time and it’s a perfect example. Stop using your phone with meals.

Smartphones and tablets cause mental health issues in two-year-olds

Some children who speak for 2 hours or more lose control and cannot calm down easily. The children aged 2 to 5 must not use a smartphone as it is going to affect their mental health.

Screens cause behavioral issues

Even behavioral problems can be caused by the use of screens in children and adolescents. Looking at the screen for four hours can make teenagers controversial and anxious, and they will also lack curiosity. They can be also less sociable.

Limit screen time

The children need to limit screen time as it can cause many health issues.

Smartphones do more harm than good, but the parents do not understand it. Even though smartphones help us communicate with our friends and family, using these devices too much may cause you to be worried and depressed. Limit the time spent in front of your smartphone, and then your children will also follow your example.

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