Girl Writes To Her Teacher, ‘a Classmate Has No Money, I Will Pay For Him’

Sometimes as humanity we feel that we are going the wrong way, that the values ​​and principles with which we grew up have been put aside and now we see more liberal young people with few feelings.

But strangely these magical acts happen that show us that there are still noble hearts, that we must bet a little more on our youth and above all learn from the nobility that each child brings with them, since it is precisely at this stage that they learn what it is solidarity, friendship and generosity.

This short stage in the growth of each child is crucial for the adult of tomorrow to be formed and molded.
That is why this teacher decided to share on her social networks the beautiful gesture that this student had with the help and collaboration of her parents.

Primary school teacher Taciana Ferreira had organized an incredible activity to celebrate with the little ones.

“We had stipulated that each child was going to collaborate with whatever they could to create some chocolate eggs for Easter.”

But not all the children in the classroom were going to be able to participate and enjoy the activity since not all of them had the necessary financial means.
That is why this beautiful girl, at the moment of giving her collaboration to the teacher, wrote a note that touched every fiber of Taciana’s heart.

“When I opened the page where the money came from, I saw the note that said ‘Hello, teacher, these are my 3 reais for the Easter egg activity, the other 3 are for a colleague who cannot pay it.”

At the moment of reading this my heart jumped with emotion, children definitely teach me much more than I can teach them day after day in the classroom.

Undoubtedly the values ​​that these parents want to impart to their little girl are compassion, solidarity, union and friendship.

This is why, although it is important that children are educated in educational institutions, it is much more important that at home parents reinforce each learning and strengthen those values ​​that they learn daily with their teachers and classmates.

Do not forget to share this publication and leave us your comment about the beautiful gesture that this girl had with her classmates and the message that she leaves to the world. Something that many today have forgotten.

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