Girl Saw A Girl At Her Graduation And Thought She Was A Princess

Kwani Taylor was posing in her graduation dress when suddenly a girl came to see her because she thought she was a real princess.

Children see the world very differently from adults. For the little ones, anything is new and can be a source of wonder because even the smallest detail seems the most incredible. By nature children are curious and innocent; they spend their time exploring and trying to know everything in the world; sometimes they do this by associating prior knowledge with new knowledge. This can result in tender confusions in children because, what for us can be something common, for them it is the most amazing.

His imagination has no limits, and fairy tales and fantasy movies greatly influence his way of seeing the world. While it is true that princesses exist in real life, they are nothing like the princesses in fairy tales; because the children expect them to wear a crown and a fabulous dress. If you meet one of these requirements, no matter what adults say, for a little one you are already a princess.


In North Carolina, United States, this is just what happened. Kwani Taylor, a 17-year-old girl, was posing in her graduation dress for a photo shoot; everything was going great and nobody expected the surprise that she was about to get.

Emory, a little girl approached the garden where the photo session was taking place because she wanted to see the “princess” up close. Innocently, the little girl believed that this girl with a long and beautiful dress posing in a green landscape was a flesh and blood princess. If we think about the scene, we can’t deny that she looks like something straight out of a fairy tale.

Meeting a princess is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and maybe Emory knew that, which is why she reached out to Kwani.


The touching scene was captured in a video that the girl posted on her Facebook account . In it you can clearly see in the middle of the photo session, Kwani gets a bit distracted and greets someone who is out of frame.

“She just wanted to see the princess,” said the little girl’s father.

All those present were moved by the innocence of the girl, who then appears in the video. Kwani had a great gesture of kindness as instead of mocking or denying that she was a princess, the young Ella stopped her photo shoot to approach Emory.

The girl became a princess for a moment and acted like one would.


“That is sweet! What’s your name?” Kwani said to the girl, who responded sheepishly. Later, Emory commented to Kwani that she liked her dress and the young woman gave him a tender hug. Then the teenager told the girl: “Have an amazing day” and we are sure that it was.

Many users on social networks congratulated Kwami for his noble gesture in approaching the little girl and not wanting to break her illusion. “It wasn’t how you were dressed that made you a princess that day. It was that you stopped doing everything you were doing to talk to that girl. It was then that you became a princess »said someone in one of the many comments of support that the young woman received.

This is something that neither of them will forget because it was a wonderful moment. Emory was able to interact with a princess, who although in truth she was not; the illusion was maintained and in her heart she will keep the feeling of having met and even embraced one. For her part, how could Kwani forget that at her graduation someone paid her the highest compliment by calling her her princess?

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