Girl Develops A Method With Drones Capable Of Planting 100 Thousand Trees Per Day

All the help we can give to the planet is well received and totally necessary, especially in these times where man has taken it upon himself to gradually destroy the only beautiful thing we have. The wild and natural life that planet earth offers us.

Reforesting is undoubtedly a great step towards a better future, where we are not affected by so much environmental pollution. That is why this young woman managed to develop a series of drones that can plant 100,000 trees in one day.

“We have the necessary tools, now it only remains to take advantage of them and use them correctly.”

The professional expert Susan Graham did not sit idly by in the face of the gigantic problem that plagues the entire planet and focused on a single objective. “Plant more than a million trees a year in Australia.”

This entire initiative was born out of indiscriminate deforestation by humans. The forests disappeared, the animals fled in search of a better life.

Today we can say Thank you Susan! For thinking a little about the future of humanity, for contributing a grain of sand to the planet that is so affected and above all for investing time and ingenuity in such beautiful work.

“Talking about everything that is happening with the environment and continuing to do nothing is a thoughtless action, we have to act, together we can change and truly help the planet” .

These drones created by Susan have the ability to study the soil, know which areas are fertile and plant entire plantations, in areas where the nefarious hand of man has no greater access.

All this avant-garde technology goes hand in hand with several scientists who, knowing Susan ‘s innovative ideas, wanted to join this initiative.

“Right now, each group of drones has the capacity to cover 10 hectares per day.”

The entire drone system is duly registered and supported by the latest in agricultural technology, managing to plant a tree and with the algorithms, it can be seen reflected in three dimensions on the screen the way it will look when it grows and that other possible options are available to continue sowing.

Be sure to share this great initiative and leave your comment about the hard but beautiful work that Susan is carrying out to save, in one way or another, a little bit of the planet that we have done so much damage to.

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