‘Ghost Boy’ wakes up from a coma after 12 years – Then he Reveals his spine-chilling secret.

It could be a terrifying experience to be stuck in your own body, unable to move or communicate, while no one, not even yourself, knows you are still present.

Unfortunately, frightening tales are the actual experiences of certain individuals.

Martin Pistorius, a 12-year-old boy from South Africa, was affected by a strange illness that left him unable to move or talk. He seemed to have fallen into a coma, or so it appeared.

He appeared to have no knowledge of his surroundings, but that was not true. Several years later, he became confined to his bed and realized his condition. However, he was helpless as he couldn’t move or communicate.

The doctors only realized many years later that he was actually trapped within his own body.

He explained that his awareness didn’t come all at once. It was a slow process, not like suddenly waking up from sleep. Martin mentioned that it took some time for him to realize he was stuck in his own body. Even after regaining his life, he never fully recovered.

It’s impossible for us to understand the fear Martin felt during his experience.

Martin can walk now, but he still can’t speak. He uses a computer to help him communicate.

He is married and operates his own business from his residence in Essex, UK.

Martin’s life story was documented in the form of a book titled Ghost Boy: My escape from a life trapped within my own body. This book became a popular bestseller published by Simon & Schuster.

Over 10 million people have watched his interview on NBC News. To learn more about his incredible story, click on the video below. Don’t forget to share it with your family and friends on Facebook because it’s definitely worth sharing.

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