16 Genius Designers Who Deserve An Award For Their Creativity.

Creating completely new designs can be complicated, but many times, innovating the design of an everyday object is more so. The beauty of the figure must go hand in hand with its functionality. That’s why a lot of creativity is needed. Design may not be for everyone, but there are people who truly take their creations to another level. Here we show you some original, ingenious, curious and practical designs that will surely give you satisfaction.

1. The cow stuffed toy has another milk carton stuffed toy inside.

2. The wet floor sign

3.The title of this book can only be read closely. If the reader has a problem with alcohol, looking around will not discover it

4. Bollards outside a school in London

5. A bag that turns you into a super hero

6. A restaurant put tablecloths with QR codes for the menu

7. Rubik’s cube for blind people

8. The footprints form the clover symbol in the deck

9. French balloon to leave your bike

10. A book about chocolate that has been bitten

11. Bottle opener in the shape of a bird

12. An accessory that serves to close your drink and hold your straw

13. The barcode is formed with the noodles

14. This bus sign has a bench attached.

15. The output signal is accurate

16. The door handle of a butcher shop

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