These 45 Funny Pictures Perfectly Sum Up Canada

Canada is associated by most of the world with maple syrup, niceness, and more maple syrup. But in reality, the country stereotypes aren’t that far from the truth such as super social moose or friendly police officers. Bored Panda has compiled another list of funny photos that perfectly describe the Great White North to give you a better idea about Canadian stereotypes.

See these pictures that you probably couldn’t take anywhere else for more Canadian memes.

Meanwhile In Canada

This is a fun fact about life in Canada. Canadians like to say “sorry” so much, they passed the “Apology Act” to limit its use. Lawyers in court were probably able to establish guilt quite easily in the past. They only needed to prove someone apologized at the time of the incident and things would start going their way.

The Things You See In A Northern Canadian Town

The Canadian lawmakers made it clear that an apology of any kind “means an expression of sympathy or regret” and not “an admission of fault or liability in connection with the matter to which the words or actions relate.”

Another Canadian Thing

Canadian Police Clash With Citizens

Found A Pretty Cool Hat At A Local Store Today

Police In Montreal Are Protesting A Labor Dispute By Not Wearing Their Work Pants

Christmas In Canada Is Difficult Sometimes

We’re Living 3 Seasons At Once Right Now (September 15, 2018)

Canadians Are Notorious For Being Kind

Honest Canadian Commuters. The Workers Were Missing And The Automatic Gates Were Broken. This Is The Result

Police Officer Stops To Buy A Drink From A Little Girl At A Lemonade Stand In Kenora, ON, Canada

Canadian Victims Of Theft

Canadian Police On The Job

Everything About This Says Canada

This Moose Literally Followed Me Home

Canadian Police Officers Meditating Before They Start Their Day

Meanwhile In Montreal

That’s A Decent Reason To Not Drop The Package Off At My Door

Canadian Parking Ticket

Photo Grocery Store In Summerside, PEI (Canada) Has “Sensory Friendly Shopping”

Most Canadian Thing Ever

A Sign You’re Marching In Canada

This Is What Happens When A Canadian Parks In Your Spot

People In Toronto Made Memorial For Dead Raccoon After City Forgot To Pick It Up For 12 Hrs

This Bathroom Graffiti Is Positive

By Quite Aggressive We Just Mean They Become A Hell Spawn

An Officer Saw A Toddler Driving His Truck, Pull Him Over & Gave Him His First Ticket. Fort McMurray, Canada

I Just Got A Wrong Number Text From A Stranger That Said: “Hey Can We Use Ur Pool There’s A Moose In Ours”

In Canada, Even The Robbers Are Polite

Police Stop At A Canadian Half Marathon

Canadian Graffiti

Only In Canada, Do The Buses Apologize For The Accident

The Most Canadian Picture Ever Taken

How To Tell You’re In Canada

And Meanwhile, In Canada

Police Playing Ball Hockey With The Neighborhood Kids. Just A Normal Day In Canada

Why Canada

Happy Canada Day! Here Is The Most Canadian Photo I Ever Took

Canada At Its Finest

Saw A Beaver On His Way To Assassinate Someone

Only In Canada

Fashion At My Small Town Canadian Bar

Meanwhile In Canada

They Waited At The Corner On The Side Walk For Traffic To Stop. Then Used The Buddy System To Cross When The Walk Signal Flashed. Overly Polite Animals?

A Guy At My University In Canada Walking To Class

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