21 Photos That Show How Crazy And Fun Weddings Are.

The wedding photo album is a very precious object because it is the evidence of what was surely the happiest day of a couple. So many beautiful moments are captured in it that can be relived over and over again.

However, sometimes it happens that these special moments are interrupted by an accident or uncomfortable event.

The photographer is on the lookout to capture incredible and memorable scenes, but is not in control of what happens; that is to say, that fortunately he can also capture funny scenes. Some of them go unnoticed during the ceremony, which makes them even cooler.

Below we show you a series of photographs taken at the exact moment, which will surely make you smile.

1. At such a young age and already has his doubts

2. When the universe sends you signs

3. This woman knows that it is not a good idea to chase the bouquet.

4. Everyone minds their own business

5. Photograph taken seconds before the misfortune

6. After hours of trying to get the perfect pose, someone walks through.

7. The wedding can be an exhausting event, especially when it is yours.

8. He really hates weddings.

9. It’s a perfectly normal portrait, right?… Except the groom doesn’t have a shoe.

10. When your wedding is on Halloween

11. There was no better time to capture this image

12. This guest sure had a great time in the photo booth.

13. The decoration almost blinded the groom.

14. Your face when you still haven’t found a partner

15. The Guest of Honor

16. When duty calls you can’t say “no”

17. The bride and groom are more in love with the top than with themselves

18. “My sister got married and asked me to save a newspaper from that day.”

“Tragic Mistake”

19. The other side of weddings

20. This is being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

21. When the flower girl steals the spotlight

What did you think of the images?

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