For 45 Years He Collected Several Pennies. The Bank Was Shocked By The Total Value

He started his “collection” in the 1960s

For Otha Anders, saving coins became an almost religious ritual. She kept everything from the change she received at the supermarket to those shiny coins she found on the street or cleaning her house. For him it was a way in which life smiled at him with small details.

“If I saw a penny on the floor, in the room, on the floor or anywhere, I would automatically say a prayer of thanks and say that this was God’s way of reminding me that I should always be grateful,” he said in an interview.

Otha refused to spend her pennies for some time. His discipline and the dedication he had given to this practice prevented him from doing so.

“I haven’t spent a dime in over 40 years, I’d rather change a dollar than spend a dime.” Mr. Anders continues.

Otha’s collection grew so large that she needed 10-litre plastic water jugs. She kept her collection in her yard.

In mid-2018, Anders finally made up his mind, heading to the bank to see the fruits of his labor . More than half of her life was spent collecting pennies.

With the help of friends and family, Otha transported all of her containers on a truck. Upon arriving at the bank, the shock was evident, the tellers did not believe the number of cents they had before their eyes . The collection even made the digital coin sorting machine stop working.

At the end of the long day for the bank staff it was revealed that Anders managed to raise $5,136. During the years that he dedicated himself to collecting the small coins , he managed to collect more than 500,000 cents and the total weight of it was just over a ton.

Anders commented that he would use the money to pay his dentist.

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