Female Dogs May Think Their Owners Are Unintelligent: Science Explains Why

They say dogs are man’s best friend. Many people like to surround themselves with these furry companions because they are affectionate and loyal, although some might start to change their minds after one of the recent discoveries. Until now, it was thought that they attached themselves to their masters without ever judging them, but apparently this is not the case.

Indeed, research has shown that dogs judge their masters. Science has studied their behavior, revealing that females only observe and approach competent individuals , that is, those who manage to complete a given task.

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The experiment was carried out at Japan’s Kyoto University, by a team of scientists led by Hitomi Chijiiwa. Research has shown that dogs, especially females, study and judge the behavior of their owners, and this has been assessed on the basis of specific experience.

The dogs were placed in front of two people each holding a container. One of them was proficient and could remove the cap from the container with no problem, while the other struggled to perform the same action.

The male dogs observed the two people without making any distinction or preference. On the other hand, the females almost immediately looked away from those who could not open the container, while they looked much longer at the competent individuals, even going so far as to approach the latter.

Pexels – Not the actual photo

Since dogs are the animals most in contact with humans, they may have come to know and decipher their behavior, but above all they seem to have found a way to communicate.

Usually it seems that dogs mostly bond with those who are kinder, but mostly generous with food. “The results of the experiment showed, explains Chijiiwa, how females identify and appreciate the skills of individuals. Further examinations could highlight the differences between male and female dogs in the way they evaluate humans.”

This study is very interesting precisely because it highlights how the bond between humans and dogs is not only driven by social traits, but also by non-social traits such as ability or competence.

Research that may allow us to understand our furry friends even better, what do you think?

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