Experts Reveal The Meaning Of The Scribbles We Make While On The Phone.

The seemingly meaningless squiggles we make during a phone call or a meeting actually reveal a lot of our personality: this is especially true when the squiggles are recurrent and always of the same type. At such times, the level of awareness of what we are doing is at its lowest, which is why many experts interpret these signs as “words” from the subconscious.

Here is the meaning of the scribbles we make on the sheets of paper.

  1. Signature: making is typical of self-centered people . Signing off unconsciously means you want to reaffirm your superiority or importance.
  2. Circles : Drawing circular shapes – simple or linked to each other – is linked to the relationship one has with others. Their meaning is a feeling of loneliness that one feels and confesses to oneself only in a state of unconsciousness. Experts interpret circles as a need for closeness and affection.
  3. Squares and other geometric shapes : these doodles reveal a very strong personality, a stubborn and self-sufficient character. Those who draw them do not easily accept the advice and judgments of others and rely heavily on their own strengths.
  4. People : The human figures that one draws without thinking usually refer to people who actually exist. The meaning this type of scribbling reveals depends on how you draw the lines – if it’s strong it’s a feeling of anger or resentment, if it’s soft it may be associated with a happy environment is clearly a positive mood.
  5. Curved lines and spirals: this type of line reveals a state of confusion and uncertainty. The spiral is the symbol with which you represent your life, as well as the curved and wavy line which has ups and downs.
  6. Arrows : They are drawn when you have a specific goal and you live to achieve it. Often people who are very good at self-motivation draw them.
  7. Stars: Like signatures, stars are also drawn by people trying to stay the center of attention . If, however, the star has many rays that do not hit a central point, it means one feels “directionless” and at the mercy of life’s events.
  8. Flowers, sun and clouds: When you draw nature elements, you always express a positive mood. During a phone call, they show that you are talking to the other person with pleasure.
  9. Crosses : They are associated with a state where you have a negative feeling for a specific situation. Drawing a cross several times expresses the awareness of having to solve a problem , but at the same time of not having the ability or the possibility.

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