Exciting Reaction Of A Police Dog When He Saw Dolphins Swim

When someone discovers something for the first time, their reaction may be one of surprise. This was the exciting reaction of a police dog . When he saw some dolphins swimming for the first time he showed his surprise. He reads on for all the details.

The exciting reaction of a police dog to see the dolphins swim

The dog’s name is Mako . He is a dog who works as a police officer in the department of canine agents. Which is located west of Australia. This dog is characterized by being very good at his work. He collaborates in the capture of fugitives by discovering the hiding places of the drugs.

Mako also assists in other police functions . However, she became famous on social networks for a different reason. It is a video that went viral on networks in which a new facet of Mako could be seen.

It all happened when the agent in charge of taking care of Mako took him for a walk. They were walking along the seashore enjoying the view and the good weather. In fact, this is one of Mako’s favorite places. Everything got more exciting with a Mako discovery .

He discovered a family of swimming dolphins . It was the first time Mako had seen them at sea. He was happy to see these animals swimming with such grace and harmony. He followed them from one side to the other as if he wanted to swim with them. Apparently, the dolphins also enjoyed the attention they received.

Reactions and experiences of other users

The police officers really enjoyed seeing Mako so happy. So they decided to capture the moment on video . Which they later published on social media. It immediately went viral, and many users expressed their reactions when they saw the video.

One of the most relevant reactions was that of a user with a similar experience. He commented that he also had an experience with his dog and his dolphins. This occurred in the estuary of the city of Mandurah . There were two dogs playing when suddenly they were joined by several dolphins .

The user noted that it was an amazing experience. None of the animals was aggressive. On the contrary, they all played together and had the most fun . We are sure that Mako will love going to the beach again. So, maybe she can try a closer contact with the dolphins.

Share this story with the exciting reaction of a police dog when seeing dolphins swimming. It is a beautiful and incredible experience that deserves to be known by all. Enjoy the video that captured the moment.

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