Everything Happens For A Reason: Coincidences Don’t Exist

You may have face incidents such as meeting a person all of a sudden when you just think that you haven’t seen him for a long time.

The first thing that comes to your mind is, ‘what a coincidence it was’.  But there’s a secret cosmic organization in charge of creating ‘accidents’ called ‘Cosmic Center For Coincidences Management’ behind the veil of ‘reality.’

The universe is in charge of this. It finds situations to be with people that are meant to be with and to get the best results out of those situations.

Even if this is little bit strange, we don’t find the “perfect”, “imperfect” things by ourselves. This can be happen for lovers, friends, jobs, opportunities and everything.

People pray and ask to show them the right path of the life, but there are no any accidents.

These can be signs from universe that you have been waiting for so long. And mind that, there is no coincident in the universe.

The God, the Creator, the universe, the source, the energy is the one behind everything and everything that happened and will happen was deliberately planned and created.

The Creator doesn’t appear but he can show his presence. The universe always shows us the way to go, so we need to learn to read the signs.

God always know about you thoughts and intentions and knows what the perfect thing is for you.

Don’t feel desperate if nothing goes as planned as that can be for your greater good. God has a master plan for you, so don’t worry.

You only need to have faith. Continue working for yourself and always trust the universe as it contains all the best surprises for you.

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