They Avoid Their Hunting And Capture In Africa An Elephant With Giant Tusks Weighing 45 Kilos Each.

If nature has made something clear to us, it is that it will always have something new to offer and the human being will be the first to want to witness it. Currently, there are millions of species divided into plants, landscapes and animals that form a different habitat according to their characteristics.

However, when specimens appear with something that differentiates them from the rest, the community of researchers and scientists are the first to want to find out the reason.

The case of the elephants is quite interesting due to the millions of years of history; one of their direct ancestors were the mammoth, large creatures of imposing size and tusks that lived during the Ice Age, because so much later, elephants maintain that physiognomy, they have long ears, a trunk and smaller tusks.

In African lands they discovered almost by coincidence an elephant that amazed locals and photographers for its long and heavy tusks, Craig -as they called him- is a mammal of the savannah located in the Amboseli National Park in Kenya.


Clint Ralph is a photographer who was taking a walk in the desert and was accompanied by a Maasai warrior who sought to deter poachers from the creature, all due to the value represented by its tusks, which weigh 45 kilos each, according to to the Daily Mail .

In previous years alone, more than 20,000 elephants were illegally killed and what is alarming is that the situation remains just as overwhelming.

Craig is not so small anymore, he was born in 1972 and his species can live up to 70 years, amazing because no other animal can reach that age.


Any nature lover may be able to admire specimens as incredible as Craig, however, seeing himself that way causes hundreds of hunters interested in money to make him their main prey.

The photographer along with other friends traveled exclusively to Kenya to capture it under their professional lenses: My friends and I spent some time with him, observing his movements. At one point we became aware of his path and positioned the vehicle a little in front of him, hoping he would drive past us. He did it”


The park where he lives seeks to guarantee the safety of Craig and any other animal, they do not want to keep us from living with humans, but it is necessary for visitors to keep in mind that they can only see them from a certain distance.

“It was emotional to be so close to a legend like this in our time. I feel very blessed and privileged to have met Craig and to spend so much quality time with him,” she commented.


The price of tusks weighing 100 pounds (50 kg) could fetch $5,000 each or much more on foreign black markets.

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