Eduardo Capetillo Reveals How “hard” It Is To Be With Someone Like Biby Gaytán

Since the beginning of humanity, women have always remained under the shadow and guidance of men, that is why seeing how a woman leads her home today is something to admire and especially for that man who remains at her side. side, supporting her in every step she decides to take for the good of the family.

We are so used to seeing that men are chauvinistic and authoritarian that when we see a man loving and respecting his wife as an equal we see it as something surprising and worthy of admiration. Eduardo Capetillo and Biby Gaytán have been in a relationship for 30 years and have five beautiful children, the secret of their success we will know below.

This is one of the most stable couples in the entertainment world, always staying out of any bad comment or controversy. Three of his children, who are all young now, are succeeding in the world of entertainment and modeling.

Undoubtedly, the couple is a great example for their children and they are an inspiration for those around them, as they show not only true and unconditional love but also deep respect, since this love has been married for 28 years and 30 years together. as a couple.

However, for Eduardo this has not been an easy path to travel, because despite the fact that being married to Biby has been the best thing that has happened in his life, on some occasions he has felt overshadowed by the thousands of qualities and skills of his wife.

«When you are with a woman like Biby you have to feed your self-esteem daily, because that woman is a whirlwind that can destroy everything in her path. A man can feel overshadowed or intimidated by a woman, that is why strengthening your self-esteem is essential to keep up with her and, above all, learn to accept all the virtues of your partner and feel a lot of admiration for her. The actor commented.

However, it is precisely those qualities that could overshadow him that have led him to be together for so many years and above all to overcome all the difficulties they have had to go through together.

«If I had to put it in one word, she is light and I am delivery. I put my chest and go forward, but the beacon that illuminates me to see where I’m going is always her. I look at my life now and I see myself with my wife of 25 years, with five healthy and well-trained children who can see a good example in her parents. So I tell myself, this is success and not the bank account, success is my family”. Said the actor.

That is why they have been able to keep that flame of love alive and, above all, give each of their children the best possible example of respect, unity and unconditional dedication.

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