This Duck Breed Just Look Just Like George Washington

One of the duck breeds in the animal world is known for having a large crest on the top of his head named White Crested Duck. These birds are great for entering in fairs and they’re a good all-purpose breed. They are gorgeous while being excellent egg layers. They are popular for meat production as they grow rapidly. These birds are majestic and beautiful and even look like America’s first president, George Washington. The White Crested Duck weight between five and seven pounds, when they are matured.

These gorgeous birds actually show up in paintings from the early 17th century by the Dutch painter Jan Steen. Even though they’re good utility ducks, they’re often kept as pets and ornamental ducks because of their beauty. These ducks can be relied upon for between 100-130 eggs per year when laying eggs. The size of the duck seems to be related to how excitable or calm the duck is which means the larger duck is calmer. That’s maybe they’re more confident and don’t feel as vulnerable as smaller ducks. Even if they are nervous ducks, they still make great pets.


The White Crested Duck is a mutation that any breed of duck can have. Breeders have chosen birds with crests for their beauty over many centuries. The American Poultry Association only recognizes two varieties of this noble duck: the White Crested and the Black Crested. The offspring will not all have the crest if you breed two crested ducks. The crest is a genetic condition that can cause as much as a 25% mortality rate among these sweet birds. The little cute birds look just like they’re wearing adorable little bonnets.




















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