20 Times Your Dream Vacation Didn’t Go As Expected

Many of us wait the whole year to be able to have our long-awaited vacations, those for which we save some time so that we can relax from the stress of work or school. Some opt for a simple trip, one in a nearby place to rest, others hope to travel to another state or country to see new places, there are even some who wait their whole lives to go to the land of fairy tales.

However, there are times when things don’t go as expected and you prove that if you think something can go wrong, it definitely will. Although if we think about it, when something strange, strange or bad happens, it will become an anecdote worth sharing.

01. Before you the city of New York

02. Let’s use the IMAGINATION

03. The photo of the tourist guide vs reality

04. Note to self: don’t ask your mom to take pictures of you.

05. A perfect view of Paris from the Eiffel Tower

06. Go to Italy to see the Leaning Tower of Pisa and that it is not leaning

07. When it’s your first time visiting the Grand Canyon and it’s foggy. Well at least it looks like a picture above the clouds

08. When your presence in Paris sets the city on fire

09. When traffic gets in the way of you finding love

10. Nothing better than camping on the road, with 40 degrees and the car broken down. Now you better put on some music and take out the roast beef

11. When you leave early to see the sunrise, but you forget to check the weather forecast

12. When instead of looking at the landscape, you see your feet

13. The perfect sea view for your vacation

14. The perfect fun for the weekend

15. When you can see the Taj Mahal from the front row

16. When you go to Greece to enjoy the sun and it rains for 5 days in a row

17. The hotel promised sea view. technically they weren’t lying

18. I call this being very lucky.

19. When you fall asleep in the sun and the evidence of the last thing you did remains

20. This is what you least expect after taking a dip. Although perhaps the octopus became attached to Mr.

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