Don’t toss those eggshells! Here’s why you should keep them

If you really like eating eggs for breakfast a lot, then you should know that eggshells have some benefits. Check out this article to find out why you shouldn’t just toss them in the trash anymore.

1. All-natural insect repellent

If you have pesky slugs, worms, and snails munching on your garden plants, try using crushed eggshells to keep them away. The smell of the eggshells will make them steer clear of your yard for good!

2. Drives away deer

Eggshells can help keep deer out of your garden because they don’t like the smell, just like insects don’t either. This trick might save your plants from getting eaten up by those pesky deer, especially if you live in a forested area where they like to hang out.

3. Bird Food

Some animals think eggshells are gross, but others think they’re awesome. If you sprinkle eggshells in your garden, you might spot a group of birds happily munching on them. Birds really love eggshells. It’s a nice way to attract birds, who help keep away pesky bugs and make everyone happy with their pretty feathers and sweet chirps.

4. Improve Soil Health

Using crushed eggshells or eggshell tea as fertilizer is a great way to recycle things that would normally just get thrown away in the trash.

They have calcium carbonate in them, which makes the soil less acidic. This is good for plants that like less acidic soil. The soil becomes more alkaline, and that helps the plants absorb more nutrients.

5. Eat Healthier Veggies

Eggshells have calcium carbonate that can benefit plants like tomatoes, eggplants, and peppers by preventing blossom end rot. When you crush eggshells and put them in the soil, your veggies will stay vibrant, juicy, and tasty.

6. Bring Potted Plants’ pH Up with Pexels

A gardening expert from the University of Illinois Extension says that studies done in greenhouses with potted plants have shown that putting eggshells in the soil can make it more alkaline. But the amount of soil in a garden is way more than in a pot, so it’s hard for regular people to get enough eggshells to change the pH of their soil.

7. Composting Made Simple

When you put eggshells and citrus peels in a compost pile or container, they slowly break down. This is great because the crushed eggshells are perfect for composting. As they decompose, they give nutrients and minerals to the compost material, making it even better.

Make sure to wash the eggshells really well before putting them in the compost. When you crush them into tiny pieces, they break down faster and help the compost decompose quicker.

When you’re done with your eggs, keep the eggshells to make your potted plants or yard more beautiful.

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