This Dog Rings The Doorbell To Get Back In After Escaping Home

We’d love a good surprise from a fluffy dog. Just imagine a cute dog ringing your doorbell. It’s really awesome. These guys had to face such a situation.

The most hilarious trend you’ll see these days is smart doorbell cameras. It is an upgrade in home security as it has an extra pair of eyes and ears.

Greg Basel from Spokane, Washington, has something to share about these cameras with us.

On a warm September evening, the man heard his dog “using” the Nest video doorbell. The dog wanted to get inside the home.

Marshall is the dog and he wanted to enjoy his outdoor life, so he escaped the house. At some point, he wanted to come home.  Suddenly, the three-month-old golden Retriever hit the doorbell.

The bell was customized to play a knocking sound instead of the good ol’ “ding dong” tune.

The video was shared on YouTube and ended up in KHQ Local News.

Marshall is really smart, and dogs can easily become our best friend as they are incredibly loyal and friendly. They also love to live in your home.

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