Dog Bumps The Nose Of His Deaf And Blind Friend So He Knows He’s There

Some animals are born with some kind of physical disability, but this does not prevent them from having a normal life, and many times they get a special helper who supports them to overcome any obstacle. When they adopted Tamale from Speak for the Unspoken Dog Rescue, he was only four months old, and since he was born he has been deaf and blind .

Actually, his disability does not affect him as much as you think, since he often performs activities that any dog ​​would do without any problem. « He often runs into things, but other than that, I see him as a completely normal dog. A lot of times when people meet him, they say they would never know ,” says Kayleigh Otstos, Tamale’s mother. Tamale has always been known for being very outgoing, he adores people, babies and all the other dogs he knows . Precisely, thanks to his incredible kindness, he was lucky enough to meet his best friend in the world, an adorable dog named Jimmy.

The two met at the dog park over a year ago, and have managed to create a beautiful friendship ever since . « Originally, Jimmy’s mom, Melinda, and I planned to meet at the dog park. Then we started taking them out to walk together, and she went from there. They see each other at least once a week ,” Kayleigh said. Tamale and Jimmy have such a unique friendship and have become so close that Jimmy seems to feel that his friend is different and needs help .

Knowing this, everything seems to indicate that Jimmy has managed to find the most special way to let his friend know that he is there . Every time the two go to meet up to hang out, Tamale waits in the car anxiously and Jimmy runs over and punches him on the nose. In this way, the adorable Tamale knows that his best friend has arrived and it is time to start exploring and having fun in the park. ” Tamale always jumps out of the car and the two start playing right away ,” the woman added. This adorable routine happens every time they meet, as Jimmy punches his friend’s nose because he knows he can’t see or hear it .

It seems that Jimmy has found an easy way to get his attention, but it also shows that he really cares about his best friend . Surely, Tamale is very grateful for their friendship, but the truth is that the two of them enjoy playing and exploring the whole place together.

Below you can see the video where these two best friends are seen playing together:

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