Here’s A Perfect Piece For Friends And Family – DIY Backyard Pergola With Swings And Fire Pit

Now you can stare into a bonfire on a starlit night in the great outdoors and also mesmerize sway of a hanging chair with the latest creation from Farm blogger and Instagrammer Lauren Ashworth. Her gorgeous fire pit pergola went viral on Facebook and Instagram. She shared instructions on how to build the structure to the blog Remodelaholic after some serious interest from fans to replicate the idea in their own back yards.

You will need a couple of strong people, a couple of grand and a couple of days to make your own backyard pergola just like Ashworth’s.  It was mentioned that the pergola can be set up with two big people, but some machinery was used to pick up some of the top pieces in the pictures. It’s great if you have a fabulous bright red digger loader you may be tempted to use it just for the fun of it. If not, you can team up and chuck some planks up with each clap of a burpee. You’ll also need a few power tools and maybe a ladder.

The entire project will cost around $2 300 in totals. It means you’ll have to have some spare cash lying around for entertainment purposes. This is an initial investment in many fun evenings outdoors with friends and family in times to come. You could scrap the Adirondack chairs which cost a minimum of $300, and the string lights which cost $75, if you want to cut down on costs a little.

It’s really great to winding down indoors after your barbecue with a good movie.  The pergola can use a wide frame, which costs $125, in which a stretch fabric screen can be used to project movies while you enjoy summer. We all love to spend more time outdoors with ash worth. The apartment grounds or community parks may be a great place to set up something like this to encourage outdoor fun for the whole family even if you don’t live on a farm or have the space required for this stunning pergola.

Here are some photos of the build process for the fire pit pergola.

They are also hoping for an outdoor screen where you can project movies or music videos while you hang out by the fire. It has a rectangular wooden frame with outdoor fabric stretched and secured to the rear-facing side. 125 bucks are the estimated cost for this one.

You can use this area for a flag, or anything else when a movie isn’t being projected.

all Image credit: Lauren Ashworth / Via oddity mail

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