Divorce Cakes: 15 Sweet Creations To Celebrate The End Of A Marriage

Cakes are the most delicious culinary art that we can offer our palates: even if not everyone is a fan of cakes, there are so many different variations that they can conquer and satisfy everyone. With chocolate or red fruits, glazed or with pralines, with particular or classic shapes, they are the undisputed stars of all events worth celebrating.

We have seen how the tradition of birthday cakes is linked to certain events of the past and what its origins are, but these delicious and varied cakes can be used on different occasions: think, for example, of the majestic wedding cake, usually divided in several “floors” ranging from the largest, the lower one, to the smallest upper floor, on which the statues of the bride and groom are placed.

And if you wanted to celebrate the moment of separation, what would this cake look like?

1.”Right after the wedding”

A baking masterpiece to celebrate the new single life !

2.Division of property

“Maybe I’ll leave the gerbil to him,” says the ex-wife.

3.Happy divorce!

A mini cake just for yourself!

4.Out of the cake!

The bride has returned the ring and the groom is falling!

5.”I’m single…again”

Note the symbol of the ball and the broken chain!

6.In the trash!

“Finally, the garbage is gone.” Probably not a peaceful divorce…

7.”I do, I did, I’m done!”

Divorce and birthday cake: double celebration, double success!

8.”Thank you, bye!”

“German chocolate cake: coconut caramel filling, chocolate ganache, chocolate cake with buttercream. 24 raspberry, vanilla and chocolate cupcakes” writes the person who made it. wow!


“Absolute decree: I’m done!”

10.Heavenly Cake

11.”I was married, but…

…I’m better now!”

12.”Finally divorced!”

“Finally divorced…single again! Sometimes divorce is the best thing that can happen to a marriage!” writes the one who decided to treat herself to this cake in honor of a new chapter!

13.”Thank you, goodbye”

“First time baking a cake for a divorce party . Happy divorce to my best friend of over 15 years.”

14.”I found my last name”

“Let’s celebrate the first step towards a new life!”

15.”Happy birthday, divorce!”

This cake celebrates the anniversary of the end of the marriage . Fun and artistic!

Which of these cakes would you taste with pleasure?

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