Daughter Poses With Her Widowed Mother To Give Her The Wedding Photos She’s Always Dreamed Of. She Dressed As A Husband

We rarely know what our parents’ dreams are. They don’t tell us regularly, and if they do, they do n’t tell us as something they need, but as something they would have wanted.

However, our parents always take care of us and look after our dreams. They are the ones who stay awake and go out of their way so that we meet the goals we set for ourselves and achieve what we want.

A few years ago, it was normal that for some people, one of these dreams was to have a couple’s photo shoot before their wedding. However, in those times, this dream was not within everyone’s reach . That was the case with Chen Zhaolian.

The woman, now 65, from Hubei province in China, always dreamed of having her dream photo shoot with her husband. However, through the ages she never managed to make it happen and unfortunately if her husband died , so this dream vanished.

For her daughter, Ma Er, Mrs. Chen was always her hero. She saw her suffer a lot to be able to move forward together with her brother. Cleaning streets, working overtime, going hungry, her mother always did everything possible so that Ma Er and her brother would have the education they needed so that they would have more opportunities.

“When we were little, no matter how poor we were, my mother bought new clothes for me and my brother, but she didn’t buy anything, not even a pair of socks,” recalls Ma Er.

In an interview with the South China Morning Post newspaper , the young woman said that now that she has the opportunity thanks to the life her mother gave her, she wanted to surprise her with something unique that she had always wanted. She paid for a couples photo shoot so that she would have the images that she always wanted , taking the place of her father, so that she would always remember him.

And that’s how Chen Zhaolian was finally able to have the photo shoot he always wanted. As a heartfelt gift from her daughter to thank her simply for being her mother and because she deserves all the good things since she alone raised her children.

Do not forget to share this note with your friends. A mother deserves all the respect and love of her children because they are the ones who always have a warm hug for her children.

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