Dan Graham, a dancing police officer, steals the show at Notting Hill Carnival. You may know him.

The highlight of the Notting Hill Carnival was a police officer showcasing his impressive dance moves with no inhibitions. His face may be familiar to you. During a hip-hop performance, the DJ spotted the officer dancing near the stage and encouraged him to entertain the audience.

Police Officer Dan Graham, aged 34, impressed the crowd with his impressive skills, showcasing both his cool moves and tight dance routine. Graham, who previously reached the semi-finals of Britain’s Got Talent in 2017, is no stranger to the spotlight. Watch the video below that went viral of Graham’s unplanned act at a festival.

Graham arrived at his Britain’s Got Talent audition dressed in his police uniform, catching David Walliams’ attention immediately. The judges were almost ready to hit the golden buzzer before Graham even uttered a word. However, the police officer had more than just his appearance to offer. He proceeded to perform a captivating freestyle dance routine that left the women swooning and the men grooving.

Graham impressed the audience on the show, receiving praise from all four judges. As a result, he advanced to the next round. The following day, Graham experienced more excitement when he heard a car crash near him while enjoying time with friends in Epsom, Surrey. According to The Standard, Graham assisted by holding the driver until the police arrived to handle the situation. Subsequently, the driver was arrested for driving under the influence. Graham’s audition for Britain’s Got Talent is detailed below.

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