These Cute Baby Donkeys Will Make Your Day

Animals can make us happy almost in an instant. You can spend the day with a pure, joyful creature, cuddling and laughing when you are having a pet in the house.

Photos of the baby animals are impressive mood-boosters. Here in this article, we are talking about baby donkeys.

These cute animals have chunky, fluffy bodies and endearingly goofy expressions. They do it with their necks around each other in a hug-like formation while enjoying a short siesta.

They are simply adorable.

They develop powerful emotional bonds with other animals as they are very social. They are smaller and fluffier than the horses even if they are close cousins.

Horses are not as charming as little donkeys.

Even dogs, cats and chickens love little donkeys.

They are very good in being stubborn. Stopping and digging in their heels is a sign of their intelligence as these little cuties never run before making sure they are somehow threatened.

They also have funny names, as a male donkey is called an ass, a female a jenny, and the baby is known as a foal, like a horse.

Here is the heart-melting collection of baby donkeys:

Sparky- the miniature donkey at Ashington Park Stud In Melbourne, Australia, lives with his teddy bear Ted, and carer Sarah-Jane Lov

They are incredibly cute little donkey

Horse meets my 5-hour old baby donkey


The white-and-brown Dougie

Here’s a 7-weeks-old little donkey

Enjoying the day

Simply adorable!

The little animal was found in the barn

Smelling flowers

A horse and a newborn donkey

A premature baby, getting her legs straightened with cast

A cute little girl!

Almost flying

Shopping time

Baby donkey

Don’t leave me here!

Cuddling with mom

Sweet donkey

Our little donkey – Opie

Christmas on the farm

A cozy bed

Gulliver The Shire And Apollo The Donkey enjoying their time together

Taking a funny selfie

A little girl and her donkey

Enchanting little donkey

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