Crafty Little Pig Stars In Epic Police Chase, Didn’t Get Caught

The streets of Pensacola, Florida, United States, witnessed a dramatic police chase that took place on Tuesday, November 2. He was a sweet fugitive, who against all odds was able to evade the officers on many occasions . But far from causing fear, this fugitive caused many laughs and smiles.

This is the case of a little pig that had caused complaints with the residents of the town the night before . But no one knew that it was a little pig. In fact, many neighbors speculated that it was a wild beast that was causing the strange noises, so they contacted the local police . Through his account on the Facebook social network, the Pensacola Police Department reported that the animal was finally captured, although it was not an easy task.

In fact, they shared the images of the hilarious moment in which the pig fled from the officers with great skill. « We will let these photographs speak for themselves. Play the music of Benny Hill (British comedian). Many thanks to Tony Giberson of the Pensacola News Journal, who took the photographs, for making this caper look like a renaissance painting ,” the police force wrote in the post.

” Since they asked, we get calls overnight about an ugly dog ​​or maybe a chupacabra running amok downtown. When the sun came up, we found that it was a determined pig who had no intention of coming home. Using a strategy that we drew on the ground, we finally managed to catch him and hand him over to the authorities », He added. In fact, these funny photos traveled the internet very quickly and users soon made jokes with them . And it is that, although nobody expected it, this pig turned out to be very elusive, but harmless.

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