Coup Leader Is Surprised To See A Stampede Of Kangaroos In The Field

Australia is a country known for many things, but one of these main things is that there is never a lack of conversation about this oceanic island, it is its great diversity with animals. This country has a unique variety of species, which in many cases are only found within its territory. Therefore, it is not surprising the stories about Australia of appearances of spiders, koalas, dingoes and even the most characteristic animal of the island, the kangaroo .

In fact, recently on a golf course he experienced an almost movie scene. A stampede of kangaroos invaded the place while an event of this sport was taking place. This occurred on the Arundel Hills Country Club grounds, where golfer Wendy Powick was stunned when the large number of kangaroos came out of nowhere . And they stopped right in front of her, as she was preparing to take a shot. “I have never seen this happen before when a crowd of kangaroos at Arundel Hills Country Club on the Gold Coast decided to come up the road and stop right at the front to see me. It’s pure gold and it only happens in Australia ,” the athlete wrote in an Instagram post.

” Golf doesn’t get much better than this, when the courses are being guarded by Aussie kangaroos who just want to look at Arundel Hills Country Club ,” he added in another post. In the images you can see how the crowd of kangaroos appeared suddenly, but without having an aggressive attitude. For this reason, far from being scared by what was happening, Wendy stood there laughing and turning to look at the camera that she was recording . Because she didn’t understand how such a thing could be happening. Then the animals continued to run across the field. While this is not surprising in Australia, they should be wary of encountering a similar event .

Below you can see the video showing several kangaroos running around the golf course:

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