Country Music Star Is Mourning The Loss Of His Son

Experiencing the passing of a loved one is undeniably one of life’s greatest challenges. Regrettably, a renowned country music artist is currently grappling with this sorrowful reality, and our hearts go out to him during this difficult time.

William “Rusty” Golden, a talented musician recognized for his performances in country and gospel music, passed away on July 1. His father, William Lee Golden, has been a longstanding member of the Oak Ridge Boys.

Throughout his career, Rusty Golden made significant contributions to various projects. His talents extended beyond singing, as he also excelled as a songwriter.

Rusty, aged 65, passed away in Hendersonville, Tennessee. Currently, no additional information has been released regarding his passing.

His father’s announcement confirmed the passing of his son, expressing, “This is the most difficult situation a father can endure. My family means everything to me. Rusty was not only a skilled musician and songwriter, but also a remarkable son. Your support and prayers are deeply valued as we navigate the days to come. I love you, my son.”

Growing up as the son of a renowned country music artist, he gained an extensive knowledge of the genre that surpasses what many of us will ever comprehend. Immersed in the music industry from a young age, he ultimately chose to pursue a career similar to his father’s.

During his teenage years, he began touring with Larry Gatlin. In the 1980s, he helped establish The Boys Band, a country/rock group. In 1984, he joined forces with his father in the Oak Ridge Boys and contributed to the album featuring the hit song, I Bobby Sue.

Rusty transitioned from performing country music to gospel music in recent years. He achieved several chart-topping hits and collaborated with his father and brother to form a band called The Goldens in 2020.

Our thoughts are with the family, and we hope they are able to find peace during this challenging period.

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