Children Are Not Priority In Marriage. Father Assures That “It Is Better To Have A Happy Wife”

Father of twins, Matt Martin, says a happy wife is paramount

There is no “blueprint” for how to build a perfect marriage or the idyllic movie family that we as a society so desire. Everything is carried out based on trial and error and understanding that everything is a balance where nothing is more important than nothing.

The only truth is that each marriage finds its own definition of “happiness” to make things work and, in the case of Matt Martin, the solution proposed by this father has caused a division in the internet.

For Matt, the “formula” he lays out for the path to a happy family is to focus on the couple , even if that means putting the children aside. He is based on the fact that knowing the couple in all their facets of their lives is the way for children to see it as something natural , since the family is the first part of how we learn to live in society.

Children are important for the future, but what is needed for them to have a secure future is that parents know how to love each other.

“A huge monstrosity of a lesson that I have learned and that I pray all of you take into consideration, is that your children do not come first. Our children are so important and they are the future and all that fun jazz, but the best thing for them is a beautiful example of two people who love each other.” Matt comments for ” Love What Matters.”

She also criticizes all those who get carried away by the “excuse” of the children to ignore their partner, that’s why she tries to get ready for her when she gets home. He knows that his wife is a human being who has needs and wants her to always see him well so that he can satisfy her.

He knows that his opinion is open to criticism and he does not invite anyone in particular to follow in his footsteps, but he does want them to think about that option in order to try it in their marriage. Maybe not to keep a couple happy, but away from divorce.

Matt is always attentive to his children and gives them everything they need, but his wife is the first thing that will be taken into account in their home.

What do you think of Matt? Would you consider leaving your children aside at times for the love of your partner? Let us know in the comments!

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