26 Photos Of Celebrities With Their Youthful Self Show How Age Affects Even Stars.

Have you ever imagined traveling back in time and meeting your smallest “self”? Maybe to give you some advice or simply to remember those times when you were perhaps happier and you didn’t know it. Have you imagined it? Well, the Dutch artist Ard Gelinck, has achieved something that many people would never have imagined “a time machine” , but not as you imagine it but through photoshopped images where he shows today’s celebrities together with their younger versions! It’s really amazing work!

In the photographs you can see celebrities like Madonna or Tom Hanks posing with their younger versions of themselves as if they were two different people in a single photograph.

Next we will show you a compilation of his best works

Jennifer Aniston

Julia Roberts


George Clooney

Courteney Cox

Ed Sheeran

 Freddie Mercury

Matt Leblanc

Barack Obama

Rob Lowe

 Britney Spears

Richard Gere

Johnny Depp

Michael Jackson

George Michael


Harrison Ford

Tom Hanks

Will Smith

Tina Turner

Paul Mccartney

Mel Gibson

 Clint Eastwood


Robert De Niro

Robbie Williams

Lady Gaga

Michelle Obama

Tom Selleck

Brad Pitt

 Phil Collins

Amy Winehouse

Drew Barrymore

 Sylvester Stallone

Which one did you like the most? Would you like to take a picture with your younger “Self” ?

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