Cat Falls in Love With A Statue That Looks Exactly Like Him

Jenny Salzer stumbled upon a statue that looks just like her beloved black cat, Cosmo when she went to Goodwill in March. Jenny bought the statue home to keep it on the front steps of her house. She has forgotten the statue until she was sitting outside one day with Cosmo. Cosmo started sniffing the statue and rubbing his face all over it immediately after intrigued by his weird twin. Jenny said that his behavior was off-character as Cosmo likes soft things.

She told The Dodo that “He loves to play! He also likes to cuddle and make biscuits on anything fuzzy.” This statue was the exception to Cosmo’s usual rule as he couldn’t stay away from his doppelganger. Cosmo has been closer to the statue since that time. Sometimes Jenny will even catch Cosmo wrapping his paws around it to give it a big hug. Cosmo even rubs his face on it like the way claims things that they love, usually their humans.

Jenny Salzer

Salzer said, “He normally likes the statue, but he hadn’t loved on it so much before.” He was fonder of his new friend. Cosmo is mostly an indoor cat. He spends all his time hanging out with his friend the statue, whenever he is allowed to be outside with Jenny’s supervision. Jenny says that he’s just sitting there keeping the statue company, sitting next to it even when he’s not showing affection to the statue.

Jenny Salzer

Jenny is confused if Cosmo sees something of himself in the statue or if he’s just glad to have a playmate, albeit a quiet one. Cosmo is really happy these days and Jenny too. You can see Jenny’s Instagram via the link below see a video of Cosmo playing with his friend the statue.

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