Capybaras Are Such Sociable Rodents That They Can Befriend Almost Anyone.

Capybaras are rather friendly and curious animals, halfway between a Peruvian guinea pig and a squirrel, but larger. It is the largest rodent currently existing an adult specimen can reach a length of between 105 and 135 cm and a total weight of between 35 and 65 kg. However, some specimens can weigh up to 70 kg! Capybaras are very nice animals, which are able to “make friends” with many other animals of different species, they live in groups of 10 to 20 individuals, which makes them quite sociable animals .

It is not strange to see them in the company of other animals, such as birds or monkeys, which often rest on their backs. Their friendly attitude has made them quite famous on the web, where many photos show them accompanied by turtles, birds, baby dogs, cats, monkeys and even rabbits.

Capybaras are excellent swimmers: they take refuge in the water to hide from predators, to mate and to look for food. Sometimes they stay in the water with muzzle and ears uncovered, and happily fall asleep in their natural habitat.

Thanks to their highly developed sense of smell and hearing, capybaras can hardly be caught off guard by predators.

It’s massage time…

Every animal seems perfectly comfortable with a capybara!

Capybaras love water and maybe they can even convince dogs to jump in the pool!

Aren’t they too cute?

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