Bride secretly plans touching tribute for her deaf groom – leaves him in tears

There’s no greater moment to show love for someone than during a wedding celebration.

According to the definition, the bond between two connected souls is a rare occurrence, and individuals often make a lot of effort to make their day as extraordinary as possible.

We hope you all have fond memories of your wedding day (if you’re married), but we couldn’t resist highlighting a special bride who went above and beyond to express her love for her husband.

Weddings can be so emotional, and this is definitely one of those moments that brings tears to your eyes.

Liz Shoesmith and her husband Scott reside in Caringbah, Australia, using sign language to communicate. Since Scott is deaf, they had to make some adjustments for their wedding day.

Naturally, the lovebirds continued to meticulously plan every little detail to ensure that they and their guests would have a wonderful day. They worked on everything together except for one special surprise that Liz had in store for her future husband.

On the day of the wedding, Liz hesitated at the end of the aisle before walking towards Scott at the altar. But rest assured, it wasn’t because of cold feet.

Liz was preparing to take the stage, the enchanting melody of Christina Perri’s “A Thousand Years” filling the room as she slipped into a stunning white dress adorned with intricate silver designs.

Liz gracefully signed the lyrics to her husband as they played. She had practiced each gesture with precision for quite a while.

Scott was left breathless as he watched his beautiful bride express her boundless love in the most perfect way, bringing tears to his eyes.

Liz shared with Love What Matters: “I have to admit, I was really scared before entering the ceremony. However, as soon as I made eye contact with him, I couldn’t look away and it became a special moment just for us. He managed to hold back his tears for a few seconds before crying all the way through the song. He has watched the video countless times and still gets emotional every single time!”

After her performance, Liz went to the altar where Scott was waiting for her, and her husband encouraged their friends and family to applaud his talented wife.

Scott may not experience the world in the same way as others, but Liz’s performance is something he will always treasure.

Watch the whole performance in the video here

That really touched my heart. Liz’s gesture was truly amazing.

Let’s send Liz and Scott all the best wishes for their marriage. If you want to join us, feel free to share this article on Facebook!

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