Bride Asked Her 4 Grandmothers To Be The “Flower Girls” At Her Wedding

“I think they were more excited than my bridesmaids,” the bride said.

Every couple dreams of having a perfect wedding because, after all, it is one of the most important days in their lives. The preparations can be stressful and many decisions have to be made: the date, the time, the place, the guests, the food, the dress, etc., although of course, the most important is to say “I do”.

This bride made an excellent decision by having her grandmothers be the people to drop the flower petals on the way down the aisle. Traditionally, the one in charge of this is a little girl, but this time it was not a girl but 4 adult women who made the ceremony even more beautiful.

Instagram/Natalie Caho

“I knew from the moment I got engaged that I wanted to get my grandmothers involved. I felt so blessed to have them all here that I wanted them to be involved too,” Lyndsey Raby , the bride, told HuffPost .

Lyndsey and Tanner Raby celebrated their wedding in Benton, Tennessee , United States. Without a doubt, the day was very special and the tender grandmothers surprised everyone by walking around throwing petals.

Instagram/Natalie Caho

The “flower girl” parade included Lyndsey’s great-grandmother, 90-year-old Kathleen Brown ; her two grandmothers, Wanda Grant and Betty Brown , 76 and 72 years old respectively; and the grandmother of her husband-to-be, Joyce Raby , 70.

The women wore identical light blue, lace and sequin dresses as well as a matching jacket. They all carried a small wooden basket with a bow and a small sign on the front that said “Here comes the bride.” Proudly, they tossed the petals into the hallway down which, minutes later, Lyndsey would walk.

Instagram/Natalie Caho

Event photographer Natalie Caho posted the wonderful photos on her Instagram account , accompanied by the caption, “I’ve seen a lot of pretty flower girls, but these four girls take the cake.”

Soon, the post went viral as it conquered the hearts of many Internet users; who considered a noble act on the part of the bride. Natalie also mentioned to HuffPost that Lyndsey was very lucky to have four grandmothers taking part in the ceremony, not just as guests; since many women only have a grandmother to accompany them on that important day.

Instagram/Natalie Caho

According to the bride, the women were shocked when she asked them to be the “flower girls” at her wedding. Of course they accepted and were very moved; even more than the bridesmaids, according to Lyndsey.

Without a doubt, this is a moment that they will remember with great joy, not only Lyndsey and Tanner because it was their wedding day, but also because four important women in their lives also participated, who paved the way for the bride to say “I do” .

Instagram/Natalie Caho

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