Brazilian Artist Uses The Used Tires That People Throw In The Streets To Create Beds For Animals

There’s no beauty shines brighter than of a good heart. In the end, good deeds are paid off. Amarildo Silva is a young Brazilian craftsman who is with a good heart. He has already dedicated one year and six months to give comfort and joy to animals. He turns old tires into comfortable and decorated beds. He also doesn’t want to stop that.

Two years ago, Amarildo was looking for a way to make extra income using the trash that people throw in the streets. He loved to make handicrafts with unwanted things.

He contributed to the well-being of the environment and also earned a few extra dollars in the process by creating something new out of the trash.

Amarildo saw that street dogs used old tires as a refuge and decided to bring them the feeling of home and make it more comfortable for animals.

He collects the old tires that he finds on the streets, takes them home and puts all the stuff in his backyard. Then he gave one of his rooms for storing these tires.

First, he separates the tires; he cuts, washes, and then paints them. Then he draws a unique design for each tire and writes the name of the animal to whom the bed will belong to.

The artist makes beautiful containers for plants besides the beds.

He always loves to help animals and doing crafts, he united those two. Amarildo believes that this project will contribute to a more sustainable world. He also has the ability to present even more innovative ideas for generating a socio-environmental impact.

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