Boy Stopped To Hug Two Puppies He Found On The Street

It is no coincidence that children are said to be the most noble and innocent beings that exist. They do not know evil and whenever they see that there are problems they will try to help, even with a minimal contribution. In addition, the love they feel for others is undeniable, because they love to receive and give affection. A case that once again demonstrates this can be seen in a video that has recently gone viral on social media .

It is about a little boy who was filmed when he stopped on the street to hug two homeless puppies that were lying on the ground . In the images you can see this adorable child hugging the puppy with great strength and affection, which seemed to be delighted to receive so much love . Not many people stop to pet a stray dog. For which they feel very grateful when someone comes to accompany them .

In addition, he also caressed the other puppy in front of him, which was lying on the ground . She was wagging her tail from side to side as the boy began to pet her. So she could see how happy these two puppies were. When she finally finished petting them both, she got up and started to walk away . She, but then she turned around and went back again to hug the two little animals again . That surely is the only affection they had received for a long time.

This video has been published on the Facebook social network. Where it has quickly reached more than 3 and a half million views, more than 250 thousand reactions and also almost 4 thousand comments. Comments from users who applauded the kindness, affection and solidarity with which this adorable child acted. Although no further details of this video are known, the truth is that this little boy is an example for both children and adults .

You can watch the video of this adorable little boy stroking and cuddling these two stray dogs below:

Share this beautiful video with your friends and family. So that they can see the great love that these children have, and the love that the puppies that live on the street need.

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