Bette Nash, 86, Is The World’s Oldest Flight Attendant With More Than 60 Years Of Service

When you reach a certain age it is normal to start thinking about your retirement, pension and retirement plans, although each country has different laws and reforms and it also depends a lot on its economic situation, that is why, while in some countries Europeans you can do it with 65 years in Latin America it can be the same on average, however, the figures and the way of calculating it may differ.

After more than 6 decades of service, Bette Nash is history, the woman is 86 years old and is considered the oldest stewardess in the world, she never imagined that she would be on the air for so long, although it has been the greatest blessing of her life .

© Images Courtesy American Airlines

When she was only 16 years old, Bette flew for the first time with her family, from that moment, the young woman fell in love with airplanes and the job of being a flight attendant. Years later, in 1957 and at the age of 21, Nash began his training and classes to work with Eastern Airlines.

Courtesy of Bette Nash

As time went by, the stewardess began to wonder when would be the right time to say goodbye to her beloved job, but to date she has not found an answer. One of the things that has amazed her the most is the advancement of technology, Bette has seen how the airlines have changed, the service, the planes and the way of flying.

For example, when it first started, return attendants used blackboards to write seat numbers and now digital screens are used; the prices were very cheap compared to the present, before you could buy it for 12 dollars and at the airport ticket office.

Courtesy of Bette Nash

Eastern Airlines had a transition period where it changed its name to the American Airlines that many know and not even that stopped it from continuing its commitment to the company that gave it its first opportunity.

The Guinness record already declared her as the oldest stewardess in the world with 65 years of service and 86 years of age. Although she may worry that she’s still working at this point, she says that as long as she’s healthy she wants to keep doing it. In fact, she no longer changes her flight paths.

Courtesy of Bette Nash

“Perhaps there have been changes in clothing, but people have the same needs: a little love and attention (…) I love my people. I love being on the same flight all the time because I know my clients,” he told CNN.

You can find dear Bette on her regular route between Reagan National and Boston Logan airports and always with a smile on her face.

© Images Courtesy American Airlines

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