Before Being A Great Professional, Be An Excellent Human Being

Not all the knowledge nor all the power will give you what being a great human being will give you.

Surely you have ever seen the example of the boss who treats his employees badly, or the most intelligent of the group degrading his colleagues who are not, and the answer to this is the same: having knowledge or power does not make you a good human being. .

Maybe even you or have done. Perhaps you are a brilliant person, or you have just started your business and are a great entrepreneur. You may have just graduated from college or you may already be successful, but you should never forget that if you are not a good human being, nothing you do will have value in your life.

The world is full of people with great talent, capable of giving everything in the face of any adversity. Millions of creative, intelligent people who dominate a large number of areas. There are also millions more on the way, finishing their studies, ready to take on the world and conquer their goals. However, nothing they do will make sense if they are empty, materialistic and selfish people.

Normally, when entering the world of work, many can be seen trampling others in order to achieve their dreams or ideals. Those who do this are people who only see themselves as their priority and their interests , but they forget that the world we live in depends on everyone, and they do not think that if they act badly with others, others will act badly with them.

This is why it is important that you understand that humanity has to exist in our daily actions. You may be strong, wise, intelligent or tenacious, but remember that you were not born with those abilities, it took you work to get to where you are and just as you once were below other people, today there are people who are doing everything possible. for outdoing themselves. Your skills have to serve to build.

“You should know that at some point the world can place you in the hands of people that one day you saw on the ground and did not help to stand up and it is at that moment where you will be afraid that they will do to you the same thing you did to them.”

That you have not suffered from some abuse or ridicule by someone more ‘advantaged’ than you, does not mean that it is not happening to others. No matter your faith or what you believe in, there will always be the universe that is bigger than us and only our humanity will lead us to feel completely whole.

Now evaluate your life and analyze if you have done any wrong, if so ask for forgiveness, there is no faster journey towards happiness than living in peace with your neighbors living in forgiveness and forgiving yourself. Be grateful for what you have and share it with those around you.

“Cultivate your humanity more and you will achieve a much greater happiness, a peace that cannot be replaced with all the money in the world.”

The humanity that we show will be the one that will be shown to us in the future. Share this note with whoever you think needs to read it and recover their humanity.

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