Photographer Travels Around The World And Captured The Incredible Beauty Of Red Hair

Brian Dowling is an American photographer who lives in Berlin (Germany). For his project “Redhead Beauty”, he has photographed over 130 red-haired females from 20 different countries.

Red hair is the rarest hair color in the world. The red hair is caused by a gene mutation known as MC1R which affects about 1% of the world population. A person’s tolerance to pain, sunlight, and their hairs’ ability to gray can affect this gene mutation. The red hair will turn blonde or pure white when you age.

This portrait project took him three summers to show the real beauty of red hair. He also wanted to help break down stereotypes people often have of redheads. His art book “Redhead Beauty” is available on Kickstarter.

Madeline From Washington State, USA

Carmen From Best, Netherlands

Alisha From Odessa, Ukraine In The Black Sea

Alina From Odessa, Ukraine

Lisa From Vienna, Austria

Kirstie In The Scottish Highlands Of Glencoe

An Early Morning With Alina From Kiev, Ukraine

Ismee From Texel, Netherlands

Kim From Hamburg, Germany

Krissy From Stuttgart, Germany

Ellie From London, England

Elias In Belfast, Northern Ireland

Maria From Moscow, Russia

Masha Under The Trees In St Petersburg, Russia

From Howth, Ireland

Natasha’s Freckles From London, Uk

Sophee From California, USA

Daria From St. Petersberg, Russia

Vanessa From South Africa And Bridget From San Fransico, USA

Aoife From Longford, Ireland

Ruby From Essex, England

Elainna From Modesto, California

Model Nastya Pindeeva Overlooking The Black Sea In Ukraine

Tara In Liverpool, England

Beata Overlooking Downtown Warsaw

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