Baby Elephants Are Captured While Playing And Rolling On The Ground

The animal world often surprises humans, usually because of how unexpected and incredible the species are in their natural habitat, with their wild behaviors. But at other times it is interesting how similar they can be with people. And among the people who know wild animals best are photographers who are dedicated to observing their world up close and taking pictures of them. Then show it to the whole world. This way you have an approach of what the different species are like in their most natural form.

Recently the Dutch photographer who lives in South Africa, Inez Allin, shared on her Instagram social network account . She shared a series of images that she captured of baby elephants playing with each other, as if they were children playing. Seeing these little elephants didn’t seem to be that different from witnessing a playground in any small children’s park. The two elephants rode one on top of the other as if they were playing wrestling .

Then they rubbed their faces and their trunks, showing what seemed to be a smile that betrayed the good time they were living. These same images were published by Inez Allin in 2019, in commemoration of World Elephant Day, which is celebrated on August 12 . On this date, the photographer wanted to highlight the tenderness of this species, which is not usually well recognized for its games and fun . But that apparently is never lacking in its younger specimens.

The images, as could be expected from such good photographs, ended up becoming very popular on social networks. The expression of joy and fun on the part of these playful elegant captivated users and won many hearts . After two years of sharing the publication, it has 2,040 likes, in addition to more than 100 comments from users who were moved by the cuteness of these adorable animals. But they were also impressed by the photographer’s keen eye for taking these lovely images of elephants.

Share these adorable images with your friends and family. So you can see how cute these little elephants are playing and rolling on the floor.

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