At 50, She Changes Her Life: She Leaves Her Teaching Job To Become A Truck Driver

At a certain age, individuals dream of changing their lives. Everything they dreamed of when they were younger, they want to turn into reality. Maybe they gave up pursuing that hope because of obstacles they couldn’t overcome, or they had to give up on that path because of outside pressure. However, years later, with a different consciousness, it is very likely that they decide to retrace their steps and achieve the dream that was put aside.

The woman in this story gave up her job as a teacher at the age of 50 to pursue her childhood dream of becoming a truck driver .

Vanita Johnson/womenintruckingfoundation

Vanita Johnson had just turned 50 when she decided to completely change her life. She loved her job as a teacher, but needed new stimulation. So she wasted no time and decided to fulfill her childhood dream: driving trucks.

She had just obtained a job as a tenured teacher in an elementary school. Until then, she had always worked as a substitute teacher. While her career seemed well underway, she decided to change her life. Indeed, as soon as the institutes were forced to teach online, she felt that it was no longer the job she wanted to do.

She had started this job to give face-to-face lessons with the students. That was the spark that pushed her to get her truck driving license. Although she was afraid to make such a decision, because leaving a permanent job is a difficult choice to make, she did not think twice and embarked on this new adventure.

Gerard Donnelly/Flickr – Not the actual photo

” I quit my job and fulfilled one of my childhood dreams . When I was in the car, I always looked out the window in the hope of seeing a truck go by, and I was sure that one day I would drive one. That dream came true. It was a huge change. But I wanted to do it so badly that when I made that choice, I felt fulfilled. My favorite thing about this job , it’s freedom, I feel like a bird flying freely in the sky. Now I know the roads and landscapes of my country.”

Would you have had the same courage as her?

source used:Womenintrucking

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