At 5 She Was Dubbed As The Girl With The “Most Beautiful Hair”, But Wait Till You See How She Looks Today

Due to her lengthy, beautiful curls, a young girl of five is gaining fame online with around 94,000 followers on Instagram.

Mia Aflalo, a native of Tel Aviv, has been gaining attention as a promising talent due to her stunning dark hair, which amazed fans in modeling photos.

The child’s charming green eyes and cheerful smile make her stand out, attracting fans from everywhere.

Mia became famous with the help of Israeli hair stylist Sagi Dahari, and her photos were featured on the British Vogue website.

The top stylist praises Mia for being pleasant to work with, mentioning that she avoids arguments and complaints, instead choosing to wait patiently and smile at everyone.

Dahari was extremely surprised by the small model, so much so that he now calls her “Princess Mia.”

The little girl is posing obediently in pictures on her Instagram, as Dahari brushes her lovely hair.

Mia is standing in a photo with her hair styled in Hollywood waves and wearing a red dress.

Meanwhile, a charming picture shows the little girl in a ballet-inspired outfit, with her hair tied up in a bow.

In different pictures, the young kid is seen wearing a messy half-up hairdo and a Purim outfit, which is a religious attire worn by Jews.

The hairstyles of the little girl have been inspired by celebrities. In a picture posted by her hairstylist, Mia is compared to Jennifer Lopez because she has a similar high half ponytail while drinking a beverage.

The girl’s stunning hair caught the attention of numerous online viewers, although a few believed that her rapid fame at a young age was inappropriate.

One follower criticized the extreme action taken towards the child, stating they would never allow their daughter to look like that.

Someone else inquired, “How would you react if strangers were finding pleasure in photos of your daughter?” It’s important to protect her from potential dangers.

Posting on Instagram doesn’t just affect your friends, there are dangers from bad people everywhere. You’re putting her life and mental health at risk.

However, others showed more admiration, with one person commenting, “She’s a stunning young lady,” and another saying, “She’s such a beautiful girl.”

Someone else jokingly said that they feel worse about themselves after seeing a 5 year old with more hair on her head than they have on their whole body.

“Look how much hair this little girl has, she’s beautiful!” wrote another.

Her recent appearance:

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