At 100, She Sets A Swimming World Record, “Everyone Should Try”

Do you think you are now too old to get in shape, learn a new language or a new sport, take on a new job, start a new business? You are wrong ! You are never too old to start something, if you have the will and the desire to start. There are many testimonials of people who have started a new life after retirement, learning to climb mountains, becoming yoga masters, traveling around the world, starting a new business of any kind. Because they say age is just a number printed on a piece of paper, and in most cases it’s true. You find 20-year-olds everywhere who have the spirit of octogenarians and who let themselves go, but fortunately, you also meet nonagenarians full of

What is their secret ? Everyone has a different one, but they certainly all have in common a zest for life and a positive approach to life, relationships, and even difficult events. Today, let’s discover the truly inspiring story of a record-breaking swimmer.

Charlotte Sanddal was 73 when she finally reached retirement age and decided not to stop. She chose to devote herself to a new passion and to learn to swim. Since then, she has never stopped swimming; and even, she never stopped accelerating her race to the point of breaking several world records during the Huntsman World Senior Games. The extraordinary nature of these records? Charlotte fixed them at the respectable age of 100 

When asked what it’s like to break records at this age, she replies, “Fantastic! Everyone should try it!” The woman intends to continue her journey by re-entering the competition to try to set other records, thus reminding us to continue to persevere, to tell ourselves that we can do it even if everyone is against it. us, is the secret of success in what we do.

But what is behind this record health and physical condition? “I owe everything to swimming, to being here today, says Charlotte. I’m lucky to be strong, to have the support of those who love me, but I owe it all to the swimming,” going on to say she never swam until she was 72, when she started finding a way to occupy her time after retiring, and then got hooked.

His daily routine begins as soon as he wakes up with a series of squats to wake up the body, as well as breathing exercises before he begins to plan his day. A true champion to be inspired by, Congratulations Charlotte!

source used : facebook

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