Artist Uses Ancient Technique To Turn Walls Into Art

There must be some magic or trick so that a normal wall can become an absolute work of art, Goga Tandashvili, is the magician or master behind some sensational sculptures that are not seen every day.

Goga is an artist of Russian origin, he is a full-time painter and sculptor with a great passion for his work. What makes him special is his skill and mastery of an ancient bas-relief technique that the Greeks, Egyptians, and Romans used to embellish their spaces.

He has achieved great recognition in the world of social networks for creating sculptures inspired by scenes from nature, focusing on the details of animals and flowers.

This type of technique was widely used in ancient times to make images or inscriptions, emphasizing the edges of the figures so that they stand out from the background and have a three-dimensional effect.

Although thousands of years have passed and few people continue to use the technique, the artist does so with considerable experience, starting by drawing on the wall and then adding the material that will allow the 3D effect to be achieved.

The Russian commented in an interview with Bored Panda “I am mainly interested in the artistic image, the material is secondary although it gives character to the work. I also paint, this is my first love. I became interested in sculptures thanks to painting and I am very happy to be able to transmit it with low relief”.

Russian Artist Creates Bas-Relief Sculptures On Walls That Are Otherwise Plain And Boring

The details of each work are impressive

Play with the materials, shapes and shades of your creations

The subject of nature fascinates him

You can transform a room with your sculptures

It has great attention to detail and aesthetics . The spectacular scenes have an impressionistic touch inspired by Tandashvili’s style of drawing and painting.

The spectacular scenes have an impressionistic touch inspired by his own style.

The time it takes for each job depends on the figure and details

Start with a path and then add the material to start forming it in 3D

The results are spectacular

His work involves a lot of effort and talent.

It’s great what you can do with your hands!

In addition to his sculptures, Tandashvili is also a prolific painter, with an impressionist-inspired style, you can check out more of his work on his Instagram account.

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