Artist Makes Incredible Animal Sculptures With Only Sand

Having talent does not necessarily mean standing out in some popular area or recognized by many people, rather it means doing something well with passion and love for the art that is done.

Just as art is subjective in almost all its types, artists are people who do not like to be pigeonholed into just one discipline when there are hundreds of ways to create and express their talent, the limit should not be an impediment.

Whether in music, painting, architecture or sculpture, the very experience of seeing a work of art with your own eyes is without a doubt unmatched. Just imagine passing by a beach daily and witnessing different but highly realistic sculptures of beautiful animals.

Andoni Bastarrika is a Basque artist who has caught people’s attention for his ultra-realistic works of animals made from just sand. Andoni shared in an interview that his foray into this type of sculpture began in 2010 as mere entertainment for children.

“Sand fascinates me, because wherever you look at it, it will always teach you things if you are willing to learn.”

The crocodile chases its prey

What could have made the teeth so sharp?

Garbage is a reality in the ocean water

Many times it takes longer to finish a work because of the details

a little mermaid is lost

Which bull came out better?

A very real portrait of what happens on the beach

the fearsome crocodile

A horse posing for the camera

The puppy seems happy to see himself

The shark that has no idea where it is

A message for society

two puppies resting

The detail of the eye is amazing

a sand bull

It’s not easy to make an elephant that size

An octopus outside its home

a colorful turtle

Like two drops of water

a lion cub

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