Artist Captures Passengers On The New York Subway And Creates True Art

Travel on public transport is usually not something extraordinary. If you are a regular user then you are very familiar with the monotony of taking a bus or subway. And you know that these trips are usually not memorable unless something really amazing and unexpected happens. That something may be that your favorite artist sits next to you, for example; or someone handing out cell phones to all passengers instead of taking them away. But realistically, that’s never going to happen.

Instead, there are other ways to make public transport journeys less boring. And one guy found a curious way to brighten the days of commuters riding the New York City subway.

This is Devon Rodríguez , an artist with an exceptional talent for pencil drawing. This young man has a great ability to create portraits in a few minutes, and they are so exact that they look like photographs. Devon became famous on social networks for his curious idea and of course, for his talent.

The young man takes the subway in the big apple, chooses a model and begins to draw him, the pose does not matter, whether he is asleep, reading or looking at his cell phone. When he finishes his masterpiece, he hands it over to his muse. The reaction of the passengers when they see themselves drawn is beautiful. Here are some of the amazing portraits Devon has done, along with the people who inspired them.

1.On a walk with the best friend

2.”You matter”

3.Resting the eyes

4.His style is very cool

5.Most people focus on their cell phone

6.Listening to music to have a pleasant trip

7.The movement of the metro arruya

8.I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to photograph this guy with vitiligo.

9.Devon also draws color pictures from time to time.

10.The detail on the sunglasses is amazing, he even drew the reflection of things

11.All passengers are focused on their thoughts

12.It doesn’t matter if you’re sitting or standing, this guy will draw you in the blink of an eye.

13.It’s not every day you find Ghostface on the subway .

14.This couple was immortalized in one of their most tender moments

15.When duty calls

16.Waiting patiently to reach your destination

17.Good color contrast

18.It must be nice to receive these kinds of unexpected gifts from a stranger.

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