An English Company Sells Half Christmas Trees For People Who Have Mischievous Animals At Home.

Christmas is coming, soon we will have to take out the tree and the decorations (if we haven’t already!). Anyone who has pets at home knows they’ll have to deal with their exuberance at the sight of lights and colored balls. The problem seems insoluble, every year we find ourselves in front of the same scene: the tree and the decorations become the playground of pets . So how to avoid it? An English company has found a simple solution to help all lovers of Christmas festivities.

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Argos sells a different Christmas tree on its website. It’s about six feet tall , like most, but the branches for hanging lights and balls only extend from the middle. The idea behind this product is to make it more difficult for pets to play with the decorations , but also to help those who have little space and do not want to give up the atmosphere of Christmas in their house.

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This type of tree is made of PVC and is easy to assemble on its own, there is also a white variant to simulate snow and costs between 33 pounds (37 euros) and 50 (56 euros).

In short, from this year Christmas will no longer be a problem, finally you can enjoy the lights and decorations, without seeing them transformed into games by their pets .

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